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ADXL375 offset register/Shock Threshold

Question asked by on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by venkat

1. I have to write offset register values in adxl375.

On putting device so that x = 0g , y = 0g & z = 1g

I get output valuesfrom adxl375 as; xreg = -14 , yreg = 15 & zreg = +34


Now what should I write to offset registers of adxl375;

a). Is it invert of each value

b). I read AN-1077 describing offset regsiter value of adxl345, it had mention values as

X_CALIB = –(OUTPUT (X) ÷ 4)

Y_CALIB = –(OUTPUT (Y) ÷ 4)

Z_CALIB = –((OUTPUT (Z) – 256) ÷ 4)

c). which of above I should choose




2. I had to enable double/single threshold interrupt.

I had read that this register is 780mg/LSB.


Also datasheet says:

"The SHOCK_AXES register specifies the participation of each of the three axes in single shock/double shock detection."


How does it correlates to values in THRESH_SHOCK register.

Is it

THRESH_SHOCK   =  sqrt( (dataX * dataX) + (dataX * dataX)  + (dataZ * dataZ)   )