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AD7280A real cell capability?

Question asked by BVWHorn on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by MLan

Hi all,


So I am investigating the AD7280 chip for a 400V (96 cells) Battery Management system. The question that I have is concerning the amount of cells a stacked system will be able to monitor. According to what I see in the AD7280A datasheet the number is 48, but according to many other sources on the internet the amount is much greater for the AD7280? for example:


The question is what is the difference between the AD7280 and the AD7280A? Because I cant find anything on just the Ad7280. Am I reading the datasheet wrong? I do have previous experience with the AD7280A chip so I really would like to use it for my application, but I am not keen on two sets of systems in series (48 x 2). That would mean that for the top system will need an extra and isolated communication line..


Sorry for posting here but I could not find the AD7280A forum.


Really hope you can help me!!


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Bartho Horn