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What is Current Consumption of ADM3053 at lower data rates?

Question asked by kannankk on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by RAnslow

I found ADM3053 supply current is quiet high (when compared to the other IC's without Iso Power) as per the datasheet spec,

Seems like Driver circuit alone consumes more than other similar devices in market without Iso power.
Typical                              Max.

29mA - Recessive          36mA

195mA - Dominant          232mA


@ RL = 60 ohms and Rs = 0(minimum)

I hope this is the worst case current consumption, and at 1Mbps data rate, and maximum slope.

I see a huge difference between the other CAN transceivers like MCP2551 which consumes only 75mA at dominant state, and 10 mA at Recessive

If the Iso power current is 29mA at Recessive state (Typical data), I can assume it consume few more current for the oscillator circuitry, Iso-power circuit losses etc.

why such a huge difference at dominant state. why would driver consume 166mA more at dominant state with 60 ohm load.

As per datasheet VCAN H can be 4.5V max and VCANL is 2.0 V max then current consumed with RL = 60 ohms should not exceed 75mA+33mA = 108mA.

So I would expect atleast the current consumption does not exceed 140mA. But typcal is 195mA is wat mentioined in datasheet?

Not understandable can any body explain?

What will be the current consumption if I reduce the speed by 8 times, and control the slope by having a Rs according to my speed requirements.

will the current consumption come down significantly? Do we get any tested data/graph with speed?