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Question asked by andy1958 on Mar 9, 2015
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I'm working on an ADV7619 application which uses two ADV7619s on one I2C bus, and I've some questions,

1) When I issue SAMPLE_ALSB (IO_MAP, Reg 1B Bit 0 = 0b1, should I set Bit 0 back to 0 afterwards?  If yes, is a delay needed between asserting and negating this bit?


2) If I soft reset ( IO_MAP, Reg FF Bit 7 = 0b1) the device which has been re-mapped (to 0x9A) will it cause the IO_MAP to rever to its default vaule of 0x98?  If so, will re-issuing SAMPLE_ALSB disturb the first device?


Thanks in advance,



(P.s Writing control FW 'blind' - no hardware yet).