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How to program ADV7180 (32pins) to work on PAL/NTSC without fast switching mode ?

Question asked by ubi1964 on Mar 9, 2015
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I'm working with ADV7180 and I'd like to know how to program via IIC interface to use it both in PAL and NTSC standards.

On 7180 support page I found TXT file to use it in Fast Switching mode but it doesn't work.

Simple mode ( no Fast Switching ) would be OK for me.

The strange thing is that some IIC addresses listed in script file seems to be not existing e.g.


42 3E 6A ; BLM optimisation

42 3F A0 ; BGB


(see TXT attached file for more details)


Address 3E and 3F are not existing at all looking at data sheet PDF rev. J.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can support me!