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AD8333 - AD8332 interfacing

Question asked by NedCZ on Mar 8, 2015
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I am developing a SDR receiver as my bachelor thesis. I am new in hardware design.

This is expected block schema:




I am using SDR concept, which is based on I/Q demodulator (AD8333) for mixing RF frequency to baseband.

Then is signal sampled by A/D converter on 1,5 MSPS (ADS7851) and send to pc.



But I have some problems with interfacing AD8332 and AD8333. According to AD8333 datasheet example is AD8332 LNA connected to AD8333. After mixing are I/Q rails connected to transimpendance amplifiers for converting currents to voltage. So, I have single ended signal. But I need to connect this signal back to AD8332 - VGA, which has differential input. Can I simple use an LVDS driver such as ds90c401?

Or it is possible to use negative I/Q Outputs?


My schematic - working version attached.