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Newbie needs help in setting up AD9548 eval software

Question asked by joyceT on Mar 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by joyceT

Hello there,


I am a newbie and I have problems using the AD9548 evaluation software. Hope someone can help me in this.


So far I was able to see that the sysclk was locked and ref A is valid for use, and I have set up the chip in freerunning mode. The external clock is 19.44MHz, system clock is 972MHz, clock doubler off, Feedback Divide N = 50, freerunning frequency is set to 155.52MHz. However I could not get any output clocks appearing. What could go wrong?


0x0d01 = 0x11

0x0d0a = 0x01

0x0d0b = 0x00

0x0d0c = 0x88


Also, I have used the excel spreadsheet to calculate the digital loop filter coefficients. However I don't know how to enter the values into the software as alpha0, alpha1, alpha2, alpha3, etc.  The software requires me to enter in hex values. Can someone shed a light?


Attached is the spreadsheet.


Thank you.