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AD1938 DAC register order and TDM4 issue

Question asked by norman on Mar 6, 2015
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I found something maybe interesting, i was settings the DAC register in TDM4 and then activate it. it didn't work as it is working fine on the ADC register. By chance, i found to active the DAC and then set it in TDM4 and then it's works. So it seems to have a priority to the settings of the DAC that not appear on the ADC.


Can you confirm ? I didn't found it in the datasheet.



second problem, i've got one ADAU1446 on 6 AD1938, all configured on TDM4, in order to use the 24 outputs. I've got the same BCLK and LRCLK for all.

But the outputs seems to be ok only from out 0 to 17. I can strobe :

out 0 to 3 on SDATA_OUT0

out 4 to 7 on SDATA_OUT1 ...


this works until out 17. I canno't found out 18 to 23 on any SDATA_OUT, out16 and 17 are on SDATA_OUT4 as i expected. Is there something wrong with the configuration below ?




thank you for your advice !