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map library objects to internal memory via .ldf

Question asked by imu on Mar 5, 2015
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I am using ADSP 21489 EZ Kit. My project compiles and runs fine.

I had a look at the memory_map.xml  and figured out that some Run-time C library functions/codes are mapped to seg_ext_swco in the external SDRAM.

For example, I have in the libc.dlb an object file called interrup.doj mapped to an external memory segment.

I would like to move this object to internal memory location (lets say: seg_pmco in seg_int_code).

How can I achieve this? I have used the following line in my .ldf file:







        INPUT_SECTIONS( libc.dlb [ interrup.doj (seg_pmco) ])

   } > seg_pmco





However, on checking the .xml sheet, this object is still mapped to a segment in seg_ext_swco.

What am I missing here? Please advice.