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AD8364 calibrate the detector for return loss/VSWR?

Question asked by MikeR Employee on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by enash

I'm looking to calibrate the AD8364 power detector using a method similar to what is described in the below conversation, but because I don’t have ADC access to OUTP and OUTN in the Alpha prototype
design, I was simply going to use OUTB and OUTA measurements to derive the OUTP
& OUTN voltages.


Normally, this would probably be
good enough – but I have another wrench thrown into the mix, because the OUTB
is adjusted for a slope of 100mV/dB using external resistors, while OUTA is
maintained as the nominal 50mV/dB of the part.  Is there a way to account
for this slope delta in the equations and still use OUTB and OUTA voltages to
calibrate the detector for return loss/VSWR?


See previous post below:


Thank you!