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Using axi_ad9361_dev_if in LVDS FDD Mode

Question asked by aqua on Mar 5, 2015
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     I am working on an interface from a Xilinx FPGA to the 9364.  In the hdl (hdl_2014_r2) from the reference design I believe I have found the block that I will need to port to my FPGA - axi_ad9361_def_if.v.  I do not need the full set of HDL for my design, just the interface to the 9364.


     Can you tell me how to use this block in LVDS FDD mode?  I have been able to simulate the block and ran dac data through it.  The closest I have come is to set dac_r1_mode high and clock in the data using dac_valid.


     However I have noticed two problems:

1. The tx data appears to be coincident with the falling edge of fb_clk which does not match the timing diagrams in the reference manual.  I assume that the data_clk is inverted on our reference design(fmcomms2/zed) using bit 0 of Parallel Port Configuration 1.  Is that correct?

2. When I clock two dac data words in, I get three words out on the parallel port bus.  The third word is a repeat of the second word, frame signals and all.  Is there a way to prevent this?


Thanks for your time.