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AD9959 transformer DAC output

Question asked by bionicbot on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by tchaya

Dear All,

I am a new baby in DDS. I am doing on my project to build 8 channel  transmitted sonar module which needs to use the two of AD9959 for a phase shift keying modulation. I only need 20 kHz to 50 kHz carrier frequency(it's very low because i will use it in underwater communication). And I have some questions to ask as followed below.

1. I am still thinking about this devices (AD9959) can be support in my project? (At 20 kHz - 50 kHz carrier frequency).

2. I am warning about the transformers (ADTT1-1) which use at the DAC output, because I cannot order this device in UK (I searched on, it's not available now), do you know the place which i can order this device in UK. if I cannot find this device, it's possible to instead by another one or do you have others mothods which don't need to use the transfermer coupling at DAC output.

3. how many maximum voltage at DAC output can support(Vp-p)?   I need the DAC output voltage at 0-5 Vp-p, this is possible? or I need to amplifier by the external power amplifier chip?


Thank you in advance.