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Clocking from ad9523 in FMCOMMS1 does not have regular pulses!

Question asked by Jetmiri on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by AdrianC

Dear all,


Why the clock which is coming to the axi_ad9122 in fmcomms1 from the AD board is not regular, I mean the pulse width is not the same everytime. This clock comes as a differential clock to dac_clk_in_p and dac_clk_in_n.  These wires are connected with DAC_DCO_P and DAC_DCO_N outputs of ad9523 in the AD board. I check this in the chipscope. Or maybe is the problem with my chipscope. I am clocking the chipscope with 200 MHz, and the adc clock dac_clk_in_p and dac_clk_in_n are supposed to be around 16 MHz. I don't see any mistake here!!!!


Q1: Which clock which is regular (same width pulse everytime) should I feed back from the AD board!?