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For DVI script, video range 0...183 instead of 0...255 at the ADV7842 output

Question asked by vovod on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by GuenterL

We use Logic Analyzer to measure the ADV7842 output in the EVAL board ADV7842-7511 when ADV7842 is programmed with the DVI script 9 (DVI RGB In, RGB Out DVI) using AVES3.


The Logic Analyzer shows the video data range at the ADV7842 output 0...183 instead of 0...255 (or 16...235).


What would be the reason of the output range is 0...183 for all supported DVI video formats?


What the data ranges at the output of ADV7842 shall be observed for:
- DVI video zz......zzz ?
- VGA videos zz .... zzz?
- Composite video  zz ....zzz?
- S-Video zz ... zzz?


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