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AD7147 offset

Question asked by iliar on Mar 4, 2015
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In the AD7147 datasheet on page16 it shows a diagram of how the POS_AFE_OFFSET and the NEG_AFE_OFFSET affect the CDC.


Suppose I have a single CIN connected to the positive end of a conversion stage. if the measured values are too low, then increasing the POS_AFE_OFFSET would make it better. However if the values are too high and the POS_AFE_OFFSET is already at 0, so I can use the NEG_AFE_OFFSET_SWAP bit to use the NEG_AFE_OFFSET to decrease the measured values toward midscale.


Am I correct?

(about the ability to use the NEG_AFE_OFFSET as a negative offset to the positive feed)


thank you.