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FCOMMS1 Analog devices programming using SPI

Question asked by on Mar 4, 2015
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We have a Zed board with a FCOMMS1 board. We used the Linux and the scope tool to play around it.

Now we want to use a bare metal version to send data on the DAC and receive data from ADC, store it in DRAM and then read it to do off board processing for now.


The question I have is the following. Once we create the bare metal design  we will need an application to allow us to access the AD9122, ADL5375 and all other ADI devices on the board to program them so we can set the right frequency, gain, I/Q imbalance correction etc.

Is there some C code we can modify or do what we need the device programming OR we have to look into each device and each register and figure out how to program it.


Obviously, we want to get to speed as soon as possible and any ideas will be greatly appreciated.