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Control AD835 with signal from AD5206

Question asked by Erlend on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by jstaley



I am wondering about using a AD5206 to provide a variable gain signal (X or Y) and offset-signal (Z) to a AD835.


It will be used to control a high-speed video signal,

and I am wondering about output impedance of AD5206 vs input impedance of AD835.


The AD835 datasheet does mention loading, but will it be toward a "clean" point? or can parts of the video be injected out the input?


There will be used a capacitor on the output(Wiper) of AD5206, but is there any other things to beware of (ex power control signal with a opamp)? The gain and offset signals will mostly stay at fixed values.