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ADP2325 Design Tool vs. Datasheet

Question asked by zup on Mar 4, 2015
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We have a problem with calculation of design containing an ADP2325 Step-Down Regulator.


Here are some of the our values:


  1. Vin = 15 V;
  2. Vout = 3,3 V;
  3. Fsw = 300 kHz;
  4. Iout = 1 A;
  5. Design for Most Efficient in "ADP232x Buck Regulator Design Tool"


If we use equation for inductor value from datasheet (page 21) we have 26 uH, but if we use "ADP232x Buck Regulator Design Tool" we have only 8,2 uH with the same input values.

The difference is more than three times. Which method gives the correct result?


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