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ADV7393-  Pixel clock of      13.5Mhz

Question asked by FreddyS on Mar 3, 2015
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I have 2 questions:

Q1) My customer needs an encoder with the ability to operate with both pixel data rate and pixel clock of 13.5Mhz.

Based on the DS, we can see support for pixel data rate of 13.5M, but the clock is 27Mhz. (page 47 in the DS and figure 5 in page 12) . s it possible to configure the clock to be 13.5Mhz?

If not, is there another encoder supporting it?


Encoder configuration (adv7393)



· YCrCb

· 4:4:2

· 576i50

· Pixel clock - 13.5Mp/s equal to the data

· SDR (no DDR)

output: Composite – PAL




Decoder configuration  ADV7180


Input: Composite - PAL



· YCrCb/RGB,

· 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 , 

· 576i50

· Pixel clock - 13.5Mhz

· SDR (no DDR)


Q2) Using the EVAL-ADV7180LQEBZ Eval board which includes both ADV7180 and ADV7393

Using the default script we can get a working platform with:

PAL input (from PAL generator) to  decoder--encoder (eval-board) and then connect the pal output to a monitor.

But when changing registers to work with16 bits data we get a non working platform.

Can you send a working script with the required values to work with 16 bits data and 13.5 Mhz clock?