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jedec standard 204b, software decoder

Question asked by schaefer0 on Mar 3, 2015
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  MIT Haystack Observatory is building a new high speed data acquisition system for science that will be using as the ADC the AD960.

  Data is going to go from antenna to ADC to fpga to cycling DMA buffers and from there (via a Intel processor running linux) to SSD.

  From reading the AD9680 data sheet, it appears that the data will be formatted per jesd204b, which, if I understand correctly,

  is coded.

  If this is the case (which is why I am posting my question here),  I will need a decoder of some sort to read/interpret the data once

  it is on disk. Has any one at AD implemented a decoder in software, or will I have to write a jedec 204B decoder program from scratch?

   If I do have to write one from scratch, I am not opposed to offering it here, but I would prefer not having to write it.


  Any help?