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BF609-EZKIT, uboot flash

Question asked by CCL on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by DAB-Embedded

we got the bf609_ezkit and I am having trouble getting uboot into the flash on
the eval board.
Eval board line:

I downloaded the flash for the eval board from here:
files/2014R1/2014R1-RC1/u-boot-bf609-ezkit-2014R1.tar.bz2/download>. I
unzipped the file and am using u-boot-bf609-ezkit-para-2014R1.ldr below.
I have the BOOT MODE on the bf609 eval baord set to '1' for parallel boot.
I have a PC running ubutu 14.04 LTS and am using jtag (as root) to connect to
the ICE-100B which is on version 2.0.8 of the firmware.

I run the following commands
<- sees the ICE-100B and reports firmware
version 2.0.8

<- I had to modify a file on my
machine to support stepping 2 but it seems to detect.
<- no feedback here...
<- this dumps out something reasonable I think but
would like to verify it with someone if possible
<- no feedback here...
flash 0xb0000000
u-boot-bf609-ezkit-para-2014R1.ldr <- this command
starts by saying "Chip: Unknown 0x8821)!" but looks it programs and
fails to verify

I cobbled together the above commands from reading various web pages.

What would really help is if someone could give me the commands that I need to
execute or tell me from the above information what I am doing wrong.

I am available anytime to get on the phone to talk to someone if that is the
easiest way to get to the end of this.

Thanks in advance.

(posted by C.Lee for Sandy)