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Fir Accelerator?

Question asked by BartW on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by BartW

Hello all,

I have my application ruffly up and running on a adsp 21369.


We are using a number of Fir filters written in asm that range from 128 to 2048+ taps long.

After each fir pass we run through and addapt all the coefficient.

We are considering moving to the 21469 or 21489 just so we have more internal ram and perhaps make use of the FIR/IIR Accelerator.


Has any one come across any good app notes on the Accelerator?

our data is sample based


I see that it is 32 channels I assume that it can handle 32 firs is that at once?


I realise that it is only 1024 taps long so may note be fully usable in my app but may be able to offload some firs.


I assume i still can get to the data and coefficient. to be able to do the adaption??