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4 channel audio adv7611

Question asked by Devang on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Yuanguanfu



We are working on adv7611 HDMI receiver. We are able to capture 2 stereo channel at 48 Khz from adv7611 in our system.

Now we added 4 channel audio capture support in our system.


We are able to capture 2 channel audio at 48 khz and 4 channel audio at 24 khz audio perfectly. But we are facing a issue with different sampling rate of audio.

We are getting 3.072 Mhz bit clock at  SCLK of  adv7611 HDMI receiver. Which is expected for 2 channel audio as per our below understanding for 48 Khz.


i.e: 32 x channel x sampling rate = 32 x 2 x 48000 = 3.072 Mhz
We are getting same bit clock in case of 4 channel audio. What is the expected bit clock in case of 4 channel audio for 48 Khz and how to configure it?