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AD9914 unexpected spurious

Question asked by NormanKranich on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by R.DURGESH

Hello all,


I use 2 AD9914 (one per SPI, one per parallel),on a costum board.

I use an ext. clock with 3,5GHz.


I can program both AD9914 with the following steps:


  • set F-Pins
  • set Profile-Pins to 0
  • set Master-Reset HIGH for 1ms
  • set the DAC cal. bit to 1, pulse an I/O-Update
  • wait 1ms and set the DAC cal. bit to 0
  • program the 4 CF register
  • program the profile 0 tuning word and amplitude and phase register
  • pulse an I/O-Update

After the programing I can see the frequency according to the tuning word, but I have also spurious as you can see in the attechment.

Have seen this someone and can give me a hint, to solve this problem?


Best regards,