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ADV7610 in auto mode for video adjustment.

Question asked by ssa_eos on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


In my application I get HDMI from PC graphics card.

Everythig is fine untill I try to use CP CSC in Auto mode for Video Adjustment (brightness, contrast etc).

When Video Adjustment is enabled through CP,(0x3E), attempt to control brightness causes wrong colors in output.


Here is my setup:

IO,(0x02) = 0xF2

output color space = RGB

input color space = color space reported by HDMI block

IO,(0x03) = 0x40

data format and pixel bus configuration = 24 bit 4:4:4 SDR mode.


CP,(0x68) = 0xF0

CP is configured in automatic mode

CP,(0x3E) = 0x80

Video Adjustment Enable


Reading HDMI,(0x53) I get RGB_FULL code for color space sent to DPP and CP.

It's said "By default the CP CSC will be automatically enabled in the case that either a color-space

conversion or video-adjustments... " So I believe that CP is ON for Video Adjustments

But, when I read CSC_COEFF_SEL_RB[3:0] CP,(0xF4) I get code 0001 which is  YPbPr 601 to RGB

This is correlated to what I observe when trying to adjust brightness - looks like CP treats input as YPbPr, not as RGB.

Attempt to force input color space to RGB Full IO,(0x02) = 0x12 gives the same result.

Also I can not find correct code from the list of RB codes which corresponds to my case - No color conversion but video adjustment.

Perhaps something wrong in my understnading, please help.



In the script I found following : 98 02 F5 ; Auto CSC, RGB out, Set op_656 bit

but RGB_OUT is bit 1 in IO_REG_02


Thank you.