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AD9928 Binning mode registers setting

Question asked by Vincent.Anstek on Mar 3, 2015
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We want to set the AD9928 into Binning mode at 2x2 and 4x4.


In RG Mask register setting mentioned the Factor by 2 should be set to 0x1A or 0x15 to enable RG masking.

But, actual TCLK output (40MHz) doesn’t synchronize with RG signal (20MHz) – please see attached waveform.


a. Would you please help to know any detail or register setting need to programmed?

b. By the way, could you please give us some advice of binning mode AFE that can offer additional function of 3x3 and 8x8? (Dose the ADDI7015 good chose for this application?)



Thank you.



RG Mask = 0x15

Blue: TCLK (40MHz)

Brown: RG signa (20MHz)