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ADV7280-M cold boot issue

Question asked by dllaffer on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Rob.Analog

Custom board design using the ADV7280 Video Encoder. Anaog video works fine at room temp and down to -40 as long as system is operational. If the system is rebooted below -15 deg C the IMX6 processor reports that the MIPI clock is not functioning correctly. Used differential probe and scope to capture MIPI-CLK at room temp and signal integrity looks fine. Used scope to capture MIPI CLK at temp and the signal looks the same as it does at room. HS clock amplitude is  ~ on each the ~50mv to 350mv in amplitude. MIPI CLK/DATA lines run from encoder pins directly to an inner layer and route to processor as loosely coupled  50 ohm traces.  Need help in identifying the cold boot issue.

Thanks, Dave