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ad9361 driver

Question asked by sotonzi on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by babypanda

Hi All,


I managed to download the ad9361 driver code from analogdevicesinc/ad9361 · GitHub. There are 3 types of platform supported : Xilinx, Linux and nonOS. I am a bit confused about this 'platform' concept between the Xilinx and Linux platform (we are definitely not using the nonOS). In Xilinx SDK I have selected the 'Linux' platform when creating the application project, so is this 'Linux platform' different from the 'Linux platform' from the AD codes?  I am new to the vivado SDK development and I didn't find more documentation about this. Can someone explain this? In what circumstance should I use the Xilinx platform and what for Linux platform?


BTW: We don't plan to use the ad9361 iio driver.