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ADG3304 logic level translator (Y->A), output is lower that Vcca supply voltage

Question asked by Sveta on Mar 1, 2015
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I try to use ADG3304 to decrease high frequency signal (60 kHz) from 5 V (microcontroller) to 3.3 V. Y level is connected to 5V high frequency signal from Arduino with 50 Ohm resistor between Arduino output and Y1 and 1M Ohm resistor from 50 Ohm to the ground. Output node (A1) is connected to resistor (1M Ohm) and capacitor (15 pF) which are grounded. Vccy is connected to 5V and Vcca is connected to 3.3 V. EN is connected to Vcca. Output signal is 1.6 V though I thought it should be 3.3 V as Vcca. How can I improve the signal? I need 3.3 V in A1 port.