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axi_dmac core - FMCOMMS1 without OS

Question asked by DesiJ on Mar 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by DesiJ

Hi All,


I started to make my own design for FMCOMMSQ1 based on NO OS design. First I want to

implement transmitter side of my TxRx, for that I want to set up communication between

axi_ad9122_dma and Zynq processing system. I manage to send some data, but data is continous

for example all the time at output I get EEAAFFFFFFFFFFFF, and that is just one (first) part of

data that I am sending. Because I am out of ideas, I am sending you picture of my design. Please

comment did I connect block properly. Besically what I want to complete as a first step is to make

dmac send data that I write (in cyclic mode). Then I will implement Interupt handler and more advanced

way of sending data. At the moment in cyclic mode at output I just get peace of data (64 bits) at output

and when ever I trigger probe in Vivado Analyzer I get same result. If picture is not enough, here you can

download design:

project_1.rar - Google Drive


Thank you in advance on answer,


Kind Regards,