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Can I use the IBIS(ADV7511W) under the condition 3.3V?

Question asked by donadona999s on Mar 1, 2015
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I saw a similar question in the past.


About question 3,

>It seems "I(typ)" is data at 1.8V and "I(min)" is data at 1.71V.

>But can we use them for 3.3V input at simulation?

>(Do we have any problem when 3.3V signal inputs to them at simulation?) Do we have to use them for 1.8V input?


the answer was


>#2: The inputs are designed for 3.3V meet the specifications listed in the hardware users guide. 

>You should not have problems with them at 3.3V in the simulations as long as you specify your load correctly.


So, I am trying to use this IBIS model with 3.3V.

The voltage range of the signal source which I am going to use is ...

[Voltage Range]  3.3   3.3   3.6

On the other hand ,the ADV7511W's voltage range of the signal is ...

[Voltage Range]  1.8   1.71   3.6


My quiestion is when I am going to use this simulation model with 3.3V,

may the result reproduce exact waveform?

I recognize it if I do not match Voltage Range with a range of the signal source ,

I may not reproduce a precise signal even if I was able to simulate it.


Is my interpretation wrong?


Thank you.

Best regards.