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Question asked by Sri@ecil on Feb 28, 2015
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As I have mentioned earlier I am new to BF706, I wanted some help in configuring SPORT.

I have worked on BF533 and BF527. In BF706 I am facing problem with the SPORT configuration. I have tried out a code (please see attachment). But I am unable to get SPORT interrupts. I am sure that I am missing out something... Please help me out.


And I am using the following code to enable the SPORTs.


*pREG_SPORT0_CTL_B |= BITM_SPORT_CTL_B_SPENSEC to enable the secondary of HSPORT0_B and

*pREG_SPORT0_CTL_A |= BITM_SPORT_CTL_A_SPENPRI to enable the primary of HSPORT0_A.


But in either case I am unable to get any interrupt.


Please help me out.

And dnt know why I am not able to get responses for my earlier posts....?


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