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AD7793 internal calibration leads to seemingly random readings

Question asked by AndreasKl on Feb 28, 2015
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I'm using an AD7793 for resistance measurements in a simple ratio-metric configuration (see schematic) with one excitation current and a reference resistor. I try to measure a 0.1% tolerance resistor for testing purposes and I use a 0.01% 5k reference resistor.


I noticed that I get slightly different readings (+/-10 Ohm) for the resistor if I connect the circuit to different AD7793s and I figured that calibration might help me solve that problem and lead to more equal readings across devices.


However, when I carry out internal zero scale and full scale calibrations, things get much worse. While without calibration I might just be off by a few Ohm, after every calibration my readings seem to get distorted completely. I get widely differing results for the 2.2k resistance, ranging anywhere from 50-5000 Ohm. This is the case even if I calibrate again right after a calibration.


Can you help me figure out what could be the problem here? It seems like something is interfering with the calibration but I can't figure out what.


Thanks a lot!