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ADV7480 bring-up

Question asked by ejhollas on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by DaveD

Since the Linux driver for this HDMI to MIPI part is not ready, I have ported some of the code from the ADVPD-20 without much success beyond detecting the presence of 5V on the HDMI cable and reading the chip revision.


Our MIPI RX, a Freescale iMX 6, does not see a clock after running the freerun script and the CSI-TX register on the ADV7480 shows CSITX_PWRDN as powered down. The discussion ADV7480 without audio output included a set of ADV7481 scripts which I have used in bringing up the ADV7480.

What do I need to report to you all to debug this? Please find the included script I used and the output from a run on the hardware. In debugging it so far, I have read registers after writing them. The debug output shows where the value read does not match the value written.


For example:

// 64 40 83 ; Enable HDCP 1.1 

write: a=32,40=>83

read:  a=32,40==81

ERR:      83 != 81

Or later on:

// 94 00 21 ; Power-up CSI-TX

write: a=4a, 0=>21

read:  a=4a, 0==81

ERR:      21 != 81


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