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ADV7619+ADV8005 hardware validation?

Question asked by James-Intrinsyc on Feb 27, 2015
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We have received our new board which uses as a front end the ADV7619 HDMI Rx and ADV8005 VSP. HDMI Tx1 of the 8005 connects to an HDMI to MIPI bridge that we use to perform custom video processing.


I'm tasked with doing basic hardware validation of this board to ensure that everything appears to work correctly. My goal is to basically turn the ADV7619/8005 combination into a very expensive wire by fixing the input video to 1080p60 and having 1080p60 come out of the 8005. After struggling with trying to get it to work for a few weeks, we contacted our Analog FAE who suggested we acquire the VSP driver (through the SLA).


Having signed the SLA and obtaining the code, I'm at a loss of where to begin - there's no instructions or anything other than a Cmake file (which is completely useless to me, see below).


Is there some sort of bring up document that details the steps to bring up both for hardware validation? I don't want to do anything fancy yet - just verify enough of the hardware that beyond the few errors we've spotted, there's nothing else wrong.


The platform we use runs Android, to which Cmake does not have a target for, so I'd have to adapt the driver to the Android build system. But for that I really need to know what I need to build, what needs to be built, where the code is, and the HAL code I need to write to have the driver work under Android.


So far all i have is a lump of code that I can't really make heads nor tails of.