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Audio DPLL not locked on ADV7604

Question asked by jmhautbois on Feb 27, 2015
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I have a custom design, with an ADV7611 and an ADV7604.

ADV7604 is connected with one HDMI connector on port A and a VGA connector.
ADV7611 has a HDMI connector directly connected.


When I have the exact same signal on both HDMI inputs, both ADV76xx are detecting the video, correct DV timings etc.

But, if ADV7611 locks its audio PLL, ADV7604 is not.


TMDS is locked, and N and CTS are the same.

The signal is 1280x720@60 and N=6144 CTS=82080 with a TMDS frequency of 74.00MHz according to registers TMDSFREQ and TMDSFREQ_FRAC.


I can't find another information for audio pll which would help me understand what is going on.

So, if anyone has an idea, a register to modify, etc. please tell me .