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Question for your AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ Tx Power adjustment

Question asked by Kaos on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2015 by Kaos

Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer have designed with your AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ+Zed Board(AES-ZSDR-ADI-G).

So I got the question for this.


He would like to design that make adjust the power of Tx(RFout).

But your board is fixed gain 20dB by ADL5602.

He has tried to control the input to DAC, but the career freq still have fixed.

But side bands can be up and down.

So do yo have a good idea for this ?

He customer needs how to adjust the career freq power from external FPGA.


Thanks Kaos