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Visual DSP++ drops Build Window, can't restore, MAJOR BUG!!

Question asked by Coherent-code on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by StuartS

During a debug session using Visual DSP++ 5.1.2 with a BF547M,  I was unable to halt the processor so I powered down the JTAG.   The goal was to try to read the debug window.   Disconnecting the emulator has the bad side effect of clearing the debug window contents.   As soon as I unplugged the emulator the Build/Debug window disappeared.    I tried restarting Visual DSP++ and the build window would not come back, no matter what the settings in the View->Build Window were.    However when I disconnected the emulator the build window re-appeared.    It is not very useful in that mode and if I reconnect the emulator the build window goes away.    There appear to be no menu options to correct this behavior.    I don't want to re-install Visual DSP++ again because that will blow away several hours and I may wind up with a non-functioning product, despite having paid a couple of thousand $$ for a CD with out of date SW and a licence #.


This is a major bug that makes the SW unusable.