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ADE5169 Apparent energy Measurement

Question asked by Bas on Feb 26, 2015
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I am using ADE5169 for Active and Apparent energy measurement. Active energy is accumulated using CF1 interrupt and Apparent energy using CF2(The necessary configurations are already done). The problem that I am facing is - If I am not feeding any AC Input Voltage Under Zero Load conditions, The apparent energy is keep on Incrementing, ie. CF2 interrupt is happening very regularly (Say every 0.5 to 1 sec).


I have read the content of VRMS and IRMS registers, whenever this problem happened. They are giving a value of 0 (Zero).


Multiplexer for Apparent energy measurement is configured in such a way that Product of VRMS and IRMS will go to DFC block which will generate CF2 Pulses.


Can anyone help me in resolving this issue of getting CF2 Pulses whenever both VRMS and IRMS are Zero (Ideally DFC should not generate CF2 Pulses beccause VRMS*IRMS = 0under these condition) ?