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ADV7401 PAL input on VGA?

Question asked by KevinW on Feb 26, 2015
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I have a ADV7401 installed in a design where we want to accept a PAL type signal (625i, 720x576, 50Hz ideally) on the RGB VGA input of the chip but I don't see any register config settings to allow this.  I see it is possible to accept PAL on the YPrPb input but is it possible on VGA?  I already have hardware and the chip is wired to accept an input on AIN 1, AIN 2, AIN 3, plus the HS and VS.


If PAL absolutely cannot be accepted on the VGA input, does anyone know of a Windows or Linux utility that will allow me to change active and inactive regions of a video frame?  Is it possible to "trick" the chip into accepting 800x600 but only have 720x576 as the active region?


I do have an evaluation kit to try different things.


Thank you very much, any help is greatly appreciated.