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ZC706, DAQ2, IIO Scope - issue with DAC buffer output

Question asked by clofquist on Feb 26, 2015
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we have the ZC706 and the FMC-DAQ2 board loaded with the latest complete build from the web (2014_R2-2015_02_06.img). We have also done the ADI Update Tools and ADI Update Boot followed by a reboot.


We see issues with the video when the DAC buffer Output is being used (only) - it looks like there is a faulty connection on the video cables. Video cable has been checked - no issue found. Note it is only when the DAC buffer Output is being used this happens.


Could it be the access to memory is being starved or something, bad timing, ...?


We have tried to replace the FMC-DAQ2 with a second card. ZC706/FMC-DAQ2 acts in the same way.


Any recommendations?



Thanks, Chris.