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ZEDboard SD Card image Audio not working

Question asked by bhaumikbhatt on Feb 25, 2015
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I am using the latest SD card image (06 Feb 2015, 2014_R2) for the Zedboard with zedboard-ad9361-fcomms2-3 device tree and boot.bin from Zynq Quick Start Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]


The image has prebuilt ADI IIO tools and GNU Radio with examples. However, examples are not running because of the audio when I use fm-radio.grc and sink it to audio headphones. Also, I am aware that some GUI based examples don't run as well.


I cannot play a .wav test file too. It gives an underrun error while playing any example.

When I do aplay [wav_file], it gives underruns.

When I do "cat /dev/urandom | aplay -c 2 -f S32_LE -D hw:1,0", I hear nothing on headphones but the operation is a success.


I am using an HDMI monitor and I go to sound settings, then turn HDMI monitor off, I only use ADAU1761 as the device on Analog duplex or Analog output mode and plug in my headphones to the black headphone jack.


Can someone point me to how to fix the audio issue?