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Solutions for bad Load response of adp1048 interleaved pfc for a 2kw application?

Question asked by dmalane on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by dmalane

Hello guys,


I ve build a 2kw interleaved pfc prototype using the adp1048 daughter card. Output voltage is 380VDC, input varies from 180VAC to 240VAC.


In stady state the system running very smoth but in case of changes in the load the response of the circuit is not satisfying.

Below is one example to explain what I mean.


Cyan: Output voltage (with offset 380V)

Blue: Input voltage

Magenta: Current through L1

Green: Current through L2


In this case I used an electronic load in current mode. The output current was changed from 2A to no load and than back to 2A. What you can see is the load response from no load to 2A.

The problem is, as you can see, that the voltage undershoot goes down to 302V which is not acceptable. I alread tried a view things, for example to increase the speed of the fast loop and the slow loop but nothing helped. Does anyone have had similar experiences? Did I maybe miss an adjustment in the adp1048 software? Is the problem maybe the integration in the control loop (concerning anti-wind-up)?


I would be very thankful for any help