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AD9524 i2c/spi selection

Question asked by Vali on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Vali

We want to use AD9524 in i2c mode so we have two 10K pull-up resistors on STATUS0/SP0 and STATUS1/SP1 pins.

According with the datasheet there are 40K pull-down internal resistors on those pins, however those pins will never go high not even when we power on or when we do a reset on AD9524. Those 2 pins will always stay low.

Why is this behavior?

Apparently the AD9524 acknowledges I2C address 0xC4, which would mean SP0/SP1 should be high (at least at power on or reset).

When we read the AD9524 registers they don't match the default values in the datasheet so that is why we think there is something wrong with the i2c/spi selection.