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FFT in BF506

Question asked by on Feb 24, 2015
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Hello all,

I need help  to compute (or define) the ADC sampling frequency.


I am using CCES and BF506 EZ-kit to sample I and Q data and apply FFT.

I am now testing the code I wrote by injecting a sin wave of 1 MHz.

the ADC is sampling the signal and the FFT (rfftf_fr16()) on 512 points is giving a reasonable spectrum.


Nevertheless, the spectrum doesn't seem to give a correct info about the signal frequency.
I think I am misunderstanding the values of the sampling frequency of the ADC.


In the CCES example project (AD7266_and_ACM), the initial variables are defined as follow:


#define ACM_DEV_NUM    0

#define SPORT_DEV_NUM  1



#define ACLK         5000000u



#define MHZTOHZ       (1000000)

#define CLKIN         (25 * MHZTOHZ)

#define CORE_MAX      (400 * MHZTOHZ)

#define SYSTEM_MAX    (100 * MHZTOHZ)

#define VCO_MIN       (72 * MHZTOHZ)



#define NUM_ACM_EVENTS  6

#define TIME_PER_EVENT  350

#define START_TIME      100



#define GP_TIMER  2


#define WIDTH     10



is the ADC sampling rage of 5 MHz?
Is it defined as SCLK/Period? (with SCLK = 100 MHz in this case)?


thanks a lot for your help!