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Question asked by ironAttorney on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by jobo23

Hi there, I am new to crosscore embedded studio and the analog devices processors, though I have some experience with C++ and have played around a fair bit with Arduino. I have recently recieved my adsp-bf561 evaluation board and I am prototyping for an audio synthesis device. Now I am struggling to get my head around some important elements that I need in order to do this.


Most importantly of all, what is the best way to output audio? Is there a particular command to send data to the DAC? I have linked to the audio codec, the stdio and the gpio. I am assuming I need a command for the audio codec, but I can't work it out.


Just to clarify what I am doing, I am starting out using short arrays of 8bit waveforms, which I will mix and manipulate in the code before sending to output. This will be my first stepping stone.


Sorry to trouble you guys with something so basic, and thanks in advance for any help.