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ADuc7128 evaluation JTAG issue

Question asked by StephenLuebkert on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by PatrickN

When I reach step 6c in the ADuC7128 GetStarted Guide (REV0.1) and attempt to setup the provided mIDAS-Link emulator, I get the following errors as popup dialogs after selecting the mIDASLinkRDI.dll:


1) mIDAS-Link RDI Error: Firmware update requires reboot !

Please close this application

Disconnect J-Link

Reconnect J-Link

Restart the application


2) J-Link ARM Warning:

Supply voltage too high (3.3 Volt is maximum, Measured: 57.8 Volt). Operating at this voltage may damage the J-Link ARM hardware.  Please use the J-Link ARM 5V adapter offered by SEGGER.


3) mIDAS-Link RDI Error:

USB communication timed out: Writing 1 bytes, requesting 8 bytes, received 0 bytes ! Could not find a device on JTAG chain


4)mIDAS-Link RDI Error:

Could not read unit serial number!


5) AgdiRDI:

J-Link - RDI-Error 242: RDIError_SoftInitialiseError


I was counting on the emulator for my development effort and am stuck.  Please let me know what is going on - I haven't modified the eval board from its initial configuration.