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ADAU 1451 slave i2c port trouble

Question asked by davebtw on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by davebtw

I have a board which I upgraded from an ADAU1701, to an ADAU1451.  The ADAU1701 was working perfectly I just needed more horsepower.


I connected the part with i2c control, using the slave port which is SDA on pin 30 and SCL on pin 31.  I can not talk to the part at address 70, either with the processor or an ADUSBZ debug probe. I have strapped the two address pins 32, and 33 to ground which should give me the base address.


The processor can not enumerate the part on the 1451 but it did work on the 1701.


From Sigma Studio I just get a communcation error.  When using an evaluation board (which is on SPI) I can program the part and have a debugged program as well.


Is there some trick to getting the part to start up in I2C mode (I interpret the datasheet that this is the default mode).  Have I missed a pin strapping?


Does anyone have a working schematic of the ADAU145x running on a i2C slave port?




-david BTW