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SD Card boot issue

Question asked by clofquist on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by CsomI

We are currently seeing SD card boot issues with the ZC706 & the FMC-DAQ2 board. The Linux does not boot at all. No messages on the terminal and no output on the HDMI.

We can program the SD card with the Xilinx TRD 14.3 test image and this works just fine.

It is possible to program the ZC706/FMC-DAQ2 with our own test design using parts of the DAC over a JTAG IF, and this works (note here the SW11 is set differently).

But it is not possible to get two of the reference design to boot from the SD card.

We have downloaded from

Releases from

  • - 6 Feb 2015, File:2014_R2-2015_02_06.img.xz and
  • - 12 Dec 2014, File: 2014_R2-2014_12_12.bin.xz

We have tried the all programing combinations for both the SD card that’s I included the with ZC706 kit and a Kingston 8GByte SD card.

For windows using the guidelines from, trying both methods (Win32DiskImager and physdiskwrite) on both SD card.

For Linux using the guidelines from, using the command “dd”.


In both cases, we have followed the guidelines to the point. What is missing to get the ZC706 to boot?

Checking the SD card it is possible to find complete system on the SD card. What are the recommendations to get this working?