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Processor, DSP or Microcontroller?

Question asked by khal on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by jobo23


I am looking for best solution for the system I am trying to design. The system I am designing for should have:


1) At least one high-speed USB

2) SPORT (or I2S), minimum support for 8 stereo channel I2S

3) Should have at least 64-GPIOs

4) Should have at least one SPI bus

5) Should have at least one I2C bus

6) Should have at least one UART bus

7) Should have timers, minimum 4

8) Should be low power as this is to be a battery powered product


I have looked at the ADI website and found BF52x family which kind a fits apart from GPIOs and Power. Anything else that could satisfy the wish list above?


Many thanks in advance.